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Date 2018-02-01 News ID 1
News Heading Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi has said in his response to the Speaker General Budget 2018-19
News Body Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi has said in his response to the Speaker General Budget 2018-19 in Parliament that the budget is dedicated to the village, the poor, the peasants, the public health, the senior citizens, the women, the employment pashas, ​​the people and the small scale industries, from which a state like Bihar Get the most benefit.
BUDGET REACTION-01-02-2018.pdf
BUDGET REACTION-01-02-2018.pdf

Date 2018-02-02 News ID 2
News Heading Deliver bank loans according to State Focus Paper
News Body While addressing State Credit Seminar 2018-19 at Nabard, a local hotel, Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi asked banks to distribute 1.22 lac crore loans to the primary sectors like agriculture, small scale industries, in line with NABARD's focus paper.

Date 2018-02-07 News ID 3
News Heading Farmers by increasing the electricity-based farming Income will be doubled
News Body While addressing the pre-budget meeting of Agriculture, Cooperative, Animal, Fishery and Poultry Farmers in the auditorium located in the main secretariat, Deputy Chief Minister and Finance Minister Sushil Kumar Modi said that by promoting power based agriculture, the income of the farmers Will be doubled. In the next two years, there will be a separate feeder for agriculture. Keeping the proprietary rights of the ryats, arrangements will be made to provide non-rayat (share) farmers with the benefits of bank loans and government schemes.
KISAN-07-02-2018 PDF.pdf

Date 2018-02-09 News ID 4
News Heading Bihar is the first state in the country where women will get 35 percent reservation
News Body Addressing the inaugural session of the three-day training program of 40 women police stations and other women's research officers under the aegis of the National Commission for Women and Bihar Police in the Auditorium of Bihar Veterinary College, Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi, it has been said that Bihar The first is the country where 35 percent reservation is given to women in government jobs. In the name of Tharu's 'Bihar Swabhiman Police', two battalions have been formed from the ST community. During the NDA government in 2011, a women police station was opened in all the 40 districts of the state.
MAHILA CRIME-09-02-2018.docx

Date 2018-02-16 News ID 5
News Heading Extreme Backward society with NDA today
News Body While addressing the 'gratitude ceremony' organized by Vidyapati Bhavan on behalf of BJP's Backward Class Front, Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi said that today the upper Backward Class is completely with the NDA. He said that like 2014, once again, the Vigilance of the Backward Classes in 2019 gave Prime Minister Narendra Modi the opportunity for development of the country. The Central Government has constituted the Commission for the classification of the list of backward classes for reservations in Central Services. Despite the majority in the Rajya Sabha despite the interference by Congress-RJD, the Central Government will give constitutional status to the Backward Classes Commission.
ATI PICHHDA-16-02-2018.docx
ATI PICHHDA-16-02-2018.pdf

Date 2018-02-16 News ID 6
News Heading Training of youth in 40 types of courses under 14 departments
News Body While inaugurating 52 Domino Skial Center at the function organized by the Information Technology Department, Deputy Chief Minister, Co-operative Minister, Sushil Kumar Modi said that under the skilled youth program, where 2.29 lakh youths have completed their training, 75 thousand training is underway. . Under the 14 departments of the state government 40 types of courses have been identified, in which youth are being trained.
SKILL- 16-02-2018.docx
SKILL- 16-02-2018.pdf

Date 2018-02-18 News ID 7
News Heading Congratulations to the victory of nationalist leaders in the student union elections
News Body Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi, while congratulating the victory of nationalist leaders in the Patna University Students Union elections, said that the students have completely rejected the RJD, Congress and the Left. Expressing hope that nationalist students and youth winners will provide healthier, effective leadership to Patna University and Bihar's education sector.

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